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10x4" Wheels

Keep things moving at your business when you invest in roll products from Roll-Tech Molding Products. Our 10x4 flat-free wheels are made of solid rubber tires, as well as foam tires. They are perfect for people seeking new trash container wheels and hand truck tires. Choose the load capacity, the style, and the bearing size that fits your application. Then, click on the picture to go to the bore length and bearing size selection.

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VSP-Uratech Wheels 10x4", Solid Foam Tire, "sawtooth tread"
Price: Call for pricing
VSP-Uratech Wheels 10x4", Solid Foam Tire, "sawtooth tread"
Average weight (lbs) 2.46 - Average Load capacity (lbs) 468

Having wheels that you can depend on is very important. It doesn't matter if you are looking for roll products to put on equipment that you use every day or are just seeking trash container wheels to be placed on equipment that you use only once a week, we know that our flat-free wheels are the perfect option for anyone and everyone. Review the options here and place an order when you are seeking hand truck tires or trash can wheels.