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ROLL-TECH, founded in 1995 in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a privately owned company with a broad array of products manufactured from recycled materials.

Every year, ROLL-TECH uses millions of pounds of granulated rubber made from recycled car and truck tires. Even recycled plastic milk and soap containers are used to make many of the wheel hubs used with our tires. ROLL-TECH strives to be extremely environmentally friendly.

The GREEN ADVANTAGE: The technology used by Roll-Tech was developed in Europe and brought to the United States to supply residential trash container manufacturers. Roll-Tech specializes in producing wheels made of injected plastic rims and solid rubber tires. The plastics and rubber we use are Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) products from plastic bottles and car tires which are ground, cleaned of debris, and separated to provide a new raw material used to make our tires and rims. We supply the majority of trash can manufacturers in North America, providing a large array of solid rubber tire wheels and injected plastic wheels for the industry.

Recycling rubber giving second life to used tires