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Get Tactical with Roll-Tech Target-Tiles:  The Target Tiles are safe interactive knock down targets. They are made of compressed and cured recycled rubber tire crumb. These heavy-duty rubber targets work with 22-357 hollow points and many calibers in between.  We know they do not work with a 223 but we haven’t tested all calibers yet. They can be used for both practical and tactical training. They can be used for shooting order, height, depth perception and tempo. For tactical training, they work for ocular cavity, hostage situations, left-right and up down marksman training. Thus, they work for beginner to advanced tactical training.

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Wolverine Black Rubber Target Tile
Price: Call for pricing
Wolverine Black Rubber Target Tile
Wolverine black rubbber $9.95 per piece - $59.70 per pack of 6 pieces. $4.95 per piece on orders greater than 100 pieces. Orders accepted in increment of 100, 300 and 700.

Target Tile strengths

  • Safe Interactive Knock Down Target
  • No Bullet Shrapnel
  • Reduced Lead Vapor
  • One shot one hit
  • Quiet
  • Simple setup
  • Can be used for both Tactical and Practical shooting works with 22-357 (Note not .223)
    • Order
    • Height
    • Depth perception
    • Tempo
    • Hostage situations etc.
  • Perfect for beginner to advanced tactical training
  • Create your own games
  • Made in USA
  • Made from 100% recycle rubber
Bullet proof rubber tile
Bulletproof Tile 
Bullet type impact in tile
Bullets impacts in tile - energy absorption

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