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Recycling Equipment Machines

Hercules EM  

Hercules Em is a horizonal hydraulic bead remover for extraction of the metallic rings in the heels of tires for trucks and earth moving equipmnet. 

OTR and Solid Tires Shear 

OTR and Solid Tires Shears are hydraulic guillotines for tire reducing. The reduction is effected in order to make the transport cheaper and above all to be handled in the grinder of the common working grain equipment.

Solid Tires Fray Machine

The fray-machine is use to transform super-elastic tires and cushion rings, either conic or cylindrical, into strips of rubber and powder of different sizes.

Rubber Granule and Mulch Painting Plant

This is a plant for the production of colored rubber granule and mulch, consisting of a: Big-Bag Unloader, Feed Conveyor Belt, Weighing Unit, Mixer, Big-Bag Loader for Rubber Granule / Mulch, Chemical and Color feed Unit.

Antishock Paving Molding Plant

This is a Plant for the production of technical articles using a mixer and press with rubber granule derived from recycled rubber tires.