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"We are reinventing the wheel"... Roll-Tech Molding Products, LLC manufactures quality flat-free wheels. Having been in business for more than twenty (20) years in the United States. our wheels are perfect for material handling and waste management industries. Customers order one (1) replacement wheel up to multiple truckloads. Whether it's for distribution, a replacement, or a new product line, if you need wheels, you need us. 

We are at your disposal to answer all your requests concerning wheels and other molded products that you need. If you want customized dimensions or a product that does not already exist in our catalog, our engineers can design it according to your specifications or work with your specialists to develop together the product you need. The concept will be provided as an AutoCAD or SOLIDWORKS file in 2D and 3D dimensions. We will start manufacturing the molds, install them in our production lines to produce according to your request.

Engineering at Roll-Tech

  • All products are available as a 3D Solidworks files
  • Product specifications are illustrated in 2D technical drawings
  • In-house mold design and tooling adjustments are available to meet your needs


RMP Desgin Rendering 3D view Injection mold realization